Teach Us to Sit Still

An interesting and entertaining story of  how doctors failed to help Tim Parks out of his serious pain, making him go on a quest to find his own way out.

Overwhelmed by a crippling condition which nobody could explain or relieve, Parks follows a fruitless journey through the conventional medical system only to find relief in the most unexpected place: abreathing exercise that eventually leads him to take up meditation. This was the very last place Parks anticipated finding answers; he was about as far from New Age as you can get.

As everything that he once held true is called into question, Parks confronts the relationship between
his mind and body, the hectic modern world that seems to demand all our focus, and his chosen life as
an intellectual and writer. He is drawn to consider the effects of illness on the work of other writers, the role of religion in shaping our sense of self, and the influence of sports and art on our attitudes toward health and well-being. Most of us will fall ill at some point; few will describe that journey with the same verve, insight, and radiant intelligence as Tim Parks. Captivating and inspiring, Teach Us to Sit Still is an intensely personal—and brutally honest—story for our times.

By: IK(InspirationKit)
Check: tim-parks.com